Working for a start-up is always fun. Working with an Innovative start-up is even better as it gives a lot of scope to learn, grow and even show your creative side. If you are passionate about learning Technology and want to make it a career in a growing company, Join us. Work towards connecting tech savvy people across the world and contribute in making the society smarter.
Current Openings at DigiPasar

Independent, self-starter, skilled web application developer who has ability to manage the website and its content on day to day basis, both frontend and backend. Experience level could range from 2 to 5 years and resourceful in solving the needs of Digital Marketing and Supplier Management teams.

We want to hire someone who has mix of education, experience and application oriented yet strategic in thought, not to tell them what to do; instead let them tell us what we need to do to build a start-up company. We need a self-starter who will understand the business and figure out what IT architecture is required to build and work with internal and external team make things happen. You may come from small or big company with wealth of knowledge but interested in being among a start-up team and create the future of our company. You are considered as IT expert for the start-up team.

If you are interested to be part of a dynamic start-up that works towards creating value for its customers. We are looking for a Product Development Manager (PDM) with experience and expertise to lead end to end architecture, design, development, and implementation (online platform as an aggregator for specialty products that adds value to customers including robots) based on strategic priorities, industry experience, customer feedback, and analytics. The role is based out of Singapore. We prefer Singaporean or Permanent Resident. If the suitable candidate is not available locally then overseas candidate will be considered and relocated to Singapore.

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