DigiPasar is an innovative start-up, headquartered in Singapore, which introduces smart devices, services, innovations and solutions to provide its users a better life experience. It is the go-to destination for all information on latest smart products and services.
Our Mission is to create a network connecting technology providers to consumers enabling a life of comfort and convenience.

The stakeholders of DigiPasar will include all or a few of these:
  • Research groups
  • Community centers
  • NGOs
  • Universities Colleges
  • Dsitributor/Manufacturers/Retailers
  • Hospitals
Our vision is to be the best digital platform for smart solution brands by creating information hubs relevant to targeted population segments.

We will achieve this by promoting products, services and solutions to targeted audience on shared platforms created to deal with specific needs of users.

Our Team

Puli Saravanan


Rithu Mitha Saravanan

Co-founder & Marketing Head

Gayatri Satyavarpu

Operations & Digital Marketing Executive



Technology is ever-progressing force that has been upgrading with how people and businesses work. Knowing this, TechYourSpace looks at making life easier with the intervention of technology and Internet of Things in various aspects of living. Experience a serene lifestyle by automating your home and office with TechYourSpace - an online hub of smart devices and services for space automation, be it home, office or public places.

TechYourSpace, a brand of DigiPasar - an innovative startup based out of Singapore, introduces ideal choices to people for a smart living. Through its two wings - TechYourHome and TechYourOffice - we showcase smart, robotic and IoT products and a list of qualified interior designers that offer holistic support in creating smart homes and offices.

Products are carefully curated to ensure higher standards of safety and comfort in your living besides significantly saving your cost, time and energy.

While, service providers introduced here are capable to provide you one or more of the following:

  1. Consultation for home/office automation,
  2. Advice on compatibility of specific smart devices with existing hub systems
  3. Installation of smart devices, integrating IoT’s and provide maintenance services in relation to the products.

This online platform not only showcases the products and services but also aims to provide the consumers a virtual boutique experience. With the help of augmented reality, our vision is to take you for a walk through the virtual rooms to explore new products placed in a home or office space.

With TechYourSpace, the product suppliers, manufacturers, interior designers, consumers and university research groups can connect with each other to facilitate as much information sharing as possible. Be it a general inquiry or an innovative/creative research discussion through blog, the platform will have them all.

TechYourSpace provides a unique advantage to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers with its wide reach to their target market. If you are a supplier, let us connect to discuss how we can work together and showcase your automated products to those who may be looking out for them. Email us a good time for a meet-up and we will be right there!

Season up your lifestyle with various flavors of TechYourSpace and sophisticate your routines with functional safety granted.

Visit TechYourSpace website




"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors." ~ Tia Walker

TechElderCare aims at bringing a smart elderly care that enables senior citizens to embrace a peaceful, convenient and independent life. With its reach and smarter technological products, it attempts to upgrade the entire senior care portrait in the healthcare industry.

Apart from the eldercare products, the portal will introduce trustworthy elder care service providers and agencies that track and monitor senior citizens, provide immediate qualified human assistance for first aid and fetch them to Government hospital for further treatment on emergency. The services may be customised to visit the elders on regular intervals and keep track of their health record in a system networked with guardians.

Smart devices and services that will be curated on TechElderCare aims to provide holistic support at homes, hospitals and outdoor locations as well.

The portal will showcase a wide range of smart tools for the elderly care, human assistance and smart medical services to address several issues pertaining to senior care. Featured products will be as follows:

  • Fall detection features that alerts the guardian, raising an alarm when no movement is detected for long.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) by TechElderCare will reduce time and cost significantly by lessening the frequency of hospital visits and human intervention. Doctors can monitor the performance of their patients virtually.
  • Smart devices will equip the elderly to have almost all required care at their touchpoint to mitigate the risk factors.
  • Nursing robots to simulate humanitarian assistance for them round the clock.

TechElderCare will keep you posted on latest articles on eldercare products, services, undergoing research on senior citizen’s medical assistance, emerging technologies, discussions by Medical Practitioners in the Blog section on topics regarding Health, Lifestyle, Safety and more.

There is a saying that, "One goal of the mindful caregiver is to find ways to not feel 'dis-eased' in the caregiving process." TechElderCare, sticks to the saying and hopes to reshape the elderly healthcare by making technological assistance accessible to all.



With, TechYourBot, experience a new wave of AI technology composed to enacting a virtual assistant role in real life for your business automation, medical assistance and more. This upcoming platform will help you redefine your lifestyle with unprecedented automated products and services. Robots are a revolution in office operations replacing cubicle dwellers and medical world. Bots will come in varied forms as smart products, IoT’s, connected devices and interfaces to fulfill the needs by

  • Saving time
  • Reducing energy and cost
  • Enhancing safety
  • Improving performance

TechYourBot aims to make your life easy and cozy. The showcased service robots maybe programmable or non-programmable based on the specification to serve you in/as

  • Household
  • Medical assistance
  • Waitering
  • Receptionist robots
  • Education
  • Chatbots – your companion

TechYourBot will introduce service providers who offer customized packages to automate the customer requirements and aid in maintenance of the product. The service providers will also help in reselling and supply of robot services. Looking for your own personal digital assistant J. A. R. V. I. S., a handy dietician, integrate your home and office IoT’s? TechYourBot is just around the corner!

The quality products showcased will be from reliable manufacturers to offer a great deal of assurance on each dollar you spend. A user-friendly navigation on the portal will provide you with all required details on each product so that you can select appropriate bots that suits your needs.

Inspired? Let us revamp your lifestyle with smart technology for better. We will share and educate our customers on the latest industry trends and how to make use of our products and services to match them.


Digital Wallet


Ease your bill-generation ways with Bill-U, a smart app at your convenience by DigiPasar. Yes, DigiPasar proudly introduces a revolution in the way bills are conventionally generated, received, stored and even retrieved. The app integrates multiple features from a single dashboard to generate and store bills using a Universal format.

It facilitates generation of bills on the GO and works well with any payment mode, be it cash, card or even e-pay.

The app is created for individual use and is based on database service created to centralize the complete process of receiving, storing, retrieving and analysis of all your receipts. This will revolutionalize the way you receive and store receipts.

DigiPasar is developing unique methods using latest technologies to create this app. It will have a few interesting features as explained below.

Bill-U aims at becoming the best bill generation system by creating clutter free clean look and cool colours. And all this with just a single tap. It maintains soft copies of the paper receipts stored in cloud and makes them available anywhere, anytime, and forever.

The GO GREEN concept, helps customers to phase out the custom of organising and storing bulk of papers in file folders and move to a more convenient, handy and portable app. The entire billing history is thereby put in just a click away.

A predefined communication is setup between the retailer and the customer. This smart app helps increase retailer productivity and makes bill generation faster by crafting the bill on the spot and sending to the customer, provided the customer uses Bill - U too.

This billing application blends the usage of paper receipts and stores in the customer database as soft copies in the form of pictures for future reference. The filters enabled in Bill-U helps categorise thousands of bills in no time.

Adapted on block chain technology , a secured platform, the app ensures the security of customer information which will not be compromised at any cost. Not just this, the app also has a scope for additional features to suggest new products to customers relevant to their purchase habits, reconcile payment accounts, track real-time expenses and MORE.


Arcade of Innovations

Is your idea or Innovation adding deep tech into your home or office or in your routine promoting smart society? Is your innovation ready to enter commercial ventures? Does your innovation requires funding or need a commercial push? Need solutions to personal causes and events to projects and more? Then, you are at the right place.

DigiPasar proudly introduces its first digital platform , a marketplace exclusively for Innovative designs. We are a zealous online storefront featuring and showcasing Innovations from Singapore and all over the world. We help you connect with the right people through this platform enabling you to raise money through modest contributions from investors, fund-raisers and other companies interested in this area. We also aim at supporting individuals with patent registrations by connecting with the right people.

We empower individuals and group of individuals with unique ideas which aim at creating smarter societies. We endeavour to bring all such individuals on one platform, our platform, "The Arcade of Innovations".

We value your ideas & Innovations. We welcome your innovations onboard. Showcase your unique ideas at our digital showroom. We aim at bringing you multiple features, plugins to connect with right people, experts, industry captains and promote your business. From source to shipping, we focus on customer needs and furnish simple yet complete solutions for your business needs.

You innovate, we help you to be discovered!!

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